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A New Look for Diplomatisches Magazin
Dear Readers,

We have made the decision to relaunch the Diplomatisches Magazin after nearly six years. With the help of our new graphic designer Nadia Herbst, we are introducing a completely new layout with this issue and very much hope that you enjoy it. The word “DIPLOMAG”, which has been incorporated into the logo, is also new and we would like to offer it as an alternative abbreviation to our after all rather long original name. We are particularly hopeful that it will enhance the already very good communication with our international readership.

This newly designed issue introduces Argentina as a country whose history has been quite tumultuous over the past 40 years. After a military dictatorship in the 1970s and 1980s and an economic collapse in the 90s, the country gradually began to open up to the world at the beginning of the millennium. Today it is considered to be among the most significant industrialised and emerging nations, as was shown by its participation in the G20 Summit in June. In the title interview, Ambassador H.E. Luis María Kreckler also talks about immigration, the country’s new foreign policy focus, the drugs trade and the significance of football.

The issue continues with a report on the Afrolynk Conference which took place in Berlin at the beginning of September and which forms a bridge between African and European “start-up ecosystems”. It furthermore addresses the question of whether Japan is a globalisation denier and what exactly is behind this theory. Finally, we present the myth behind the name “Europe” which originates from the Greek island of Crete. I hope you enjoy this issue!

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