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Bundestag Election 2017 – One or None?
Dear Readers,
The election of the 19th German Bundestag will be held in Germany on 24th September. Chancellor Angela Merkel is running against her challenger Martin Schulz of the SPD and hoping for her fourth term in office. A lot points to the Christian Democrat’s re-election, despite the refugee crisis and the diesel scandal which have been directly or indirectly linked to her. Yet what will happen to the CDU if the most powerful woman in the world were to not run again from 2021? In this issue, we will venture a look at this scenario.

Our ambassador interview this time introduces Italy, a country which has had a new government since the end of 2016 and is currently facing many challenges. On the one hand, the South European country is struggling with various economic, political and social problems. On the
other hand, Italy is affected by the refugee crisis more than most other European states, if only due to its geographic location and the Dublin Agreement. In the interview, Ambassador H.E. Pietro Benassi talks about the new electoral law, Italian foreign policy and new projects for expanding renewable energies, amongst other things.

This issue furthermore includes an interview with the Parliamentary State Secretary to the Federal Ministry for Cooperation and Development, Thomas Silberhorn, regarding the Marshall Plan for Africa. In addition, there is an article on the ASEAN organisation’s 50th anniversary and our removable overview of the current ambassadors. We are also pleased to be able to announce that the Diplomatisches Magazin will appear in a completely new layout from October onwards. I hope you enjoy this issue!

Dr. Irene Ernst
Editor and Publisher
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