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Every four years the eyes of the world are on the World Cup, which takes place in Russia this year. After the assignment for this World Cup was again not completely undisputed, the tournament is now in full swing. In these four weeks, the countries of the world always come very close to each other, which can also benefit politicians. But the players also run the risk of committing a blunder diplomatically. There is a small report on this topic in this issue. By the way, the World Cup of 2026 will take place in Canada, the USA and Mexico.

In our title interview, we present Peru this time. Lately, the Latin American country had to struggle with the Odebrecht scandal involving a Brazilian construction company. In light of the affair several former presidents of the state had to explain themselves. On the other hand, Peru recorded a remarkable economic growth. Multiple major construction projects worth billions are planned. And tourism is thriving anyway. In an interview with Diplomatisches Magazin, Ambassador H.E. Elmer Schialer also talks about a Peruvian-Canadian educational project, the consequences of climate change for his country and the national sustainable development goals.

Further in this issue, we will report on CEBIT, formerly the world’s largest fair for computers, now presents itself as “Europe’s Festival for Innovation and Digitisation”, and which took place in June for the very first time. In addition, we report on US President Donald Trump’s appearance at the G7 summit and his first meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in Singapore. In our column “Consul Special”, we present Kristina Larischová, the Czech Consul General for Germany’s southern states. You can also look forward to a travelogue about Italy’s opera houses. I hope you enjoy this issue!

Dr. Irene ErnstEditor and Publisher

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