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Dawn of a Diplomatic Ice Age
Dear Readers,
We have observed the diplomatic developments throughout the world over the past weeks with great concern – the cause of our concern being the right-wing populists, as is so often the case. Their most powerful representative, US President Donald Trump, stirs up confusion nearly every day on Twitter where he cited an apparent attack in Sweden, accused his predecessor Obama of wiretapping, and carries out smears on journalists. Turkish President Recep Erdoğan is not much better, sending his minister halfway across Europe to drum up support for the election, but at the cost of diplomacy and therefore the economy of his own country; the disgruntlement of the Netherlands, Germany and Austria is just the beginning.

On the other hand, Iceland sets a shining example of diplomacy. The volcanic island maintains very good relations
with many states and is a member of over 80 international organisations. Furthermore, the small island state is the worldwide leader in equal rights and renewable energy, and is among the most advanced societies on earth, even though it stood on the precipice after the financial crisis in 2008. In our interview, Ambassador H.E. Martin Eyjólfsson speaks about the new coalition government and tourism as an economic factor.

Further on in this issue, we look back at ITB and feature an interview with Romanian foreign minister Teodor Meleşcanu. There is also a report on the relations between G20 and Africa, and you’ll find the latest ambassador poster in the centre of the magazine. I hope you enjoy this issue!

Dr. Irene Ernst
Editor and Publisher
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